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It is beyond your imagination What I have left behind.
I recall the time that I could tell my loving friends: Come, sit beside me and treat me to a piece of bread Of Kindness for I am hungry;
Offer me a drop of water Of faith For I am thirsty;
Provide me with a shade Of loving Memories Of the past for I am tired. I wish that I could ask them to not let me think about my days in this world,

but my isolated room tells me that they are lost in time and distance.
When this world is punished and has to turn away from light, I ask: What is left to go to sleep and wake for?
The clock On the wall used to tell me stories of true lovers and good people.
And now, I wonder if it witnessed too many fairy tales. with every breakthrough of light, my lonely hands have reached out for the old clock and discovered

that it does not talk anymore.
Since I have discovered Pain,I often wonder if it has lost its faith in humanity.
I believe the first thing it will say is: There is no justice in this world.
No one brings breakfast to my bed anymore at dawn.

I wake up in the morning and stare at them kindling the visions of my life.
I am tired of praying. My teacher has a good notion of evil and goodness. She hopes that one of us will save the world or at least the peace one day, somewhere.
I do not want to be troubled by unjust incidents far and near and to lose her faith in virtue. I want too much to make her Happy.
But each time when I look around and beyond, my mirror tells me that the world has not changed.

There is no justice in This world. Not everyone eats at noon. But I go to lunch and I watch them burning down My town, Street by street.
With every class I wonder Where my lover is. Killing to save his home or Lying among the blood of his mankind and dusty, ruined bombed houses.
I can remember his eyes very clearly. They reassured me of Our love and safety. The eyes would shield me from myself and the cruel reality of this world.
They would make me Whole and pure again. The naked rose and empty vase have told me that I have lost them in my childhood. But I still dream of a miracle.
There is no mercy in this world.

Supper is a feast and everyone gorges. I march to dinner and gaze at them burying my beloved playmates. I laugh and smile with them but still manage to dream.
Breathing among them, I try to be strong for them. I wish them happiness, a good life and the wisdom of motherhood.
It is discomforting when I have to look back into history to find the time I had a loving friend. Every time I go back to my room lonelier.
I look at the face in the mirror. The girl from the land of endless love says: I missed you between hours.

Oh, my cracked heart has taken in too much of my long life. I am amazed that it still struggles to beat hard next to my skin. There is no justice in this world.
My old clock cannot count the moments fast enough for me to return. Listen: My world is beyond your walls and fancy. Flowers of my garden are the loved ones.
Men of my town are the lovers. Rivers are all rainbows at sunset.
Yes, I am in love.

I am from Abadan.

by Shahrzad Irani
Corona del Mar, California

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